Writing @ UNI

The Liberal Arts Core

Liberal Arts Core (LAC): Writing and Reading

The Liberal Arts Core writing experience fosters learning, develops thinking, and introduces students to understanding writing as a process integral to critical inquiry in academic, professional, and personal contexts. UNI is committed to helping students become competent writiers in various areas and for various purposes. Each department sets the writing requirements for its majors; writing needs vary acrosss disciplines, so the requirements and conventions vary across departments.

Students satisfy UNI's Liberal Arts Core writing requirement by completing one of five LAC writing writing courses:

    College Writing and Research, English 1005
    Craft of Academic Writing, English 2015
    Introduction to Literature (Writing Enhanced sections only), English 1120
    Critical Writing about Literature, English 2015
    Cornerstone, UNIV 1059

Comparable instruction and practice may be available for qualified students in writing-enhanced sections of other Liberal Arts Core courses. For students who do not meet the English admissions requirement, and for other students with limited writing experience, College Writing Basics,English 1002, provides instruction and practice designed to prepare students for success in courses that satisfy the LAC Writing requirement.

Common Features of Liberal Arts Core Writing Courses

Enrollment is limited to a maximum of 25 students.

Students generally write the equivalent of 30 or more pages of informal and formal writing, including at least 15 pages of revised and editing papers.

At least one-half of the course evaluation is based on written work.

LAC 1A Outcomes

Students in LAC 1A courses are expected to meet the following outcomes:

Ability to produce written texts that are focused, clear, complete, and effective

Research and source materials are used critically and with understanding of their content and context.

Written texts demonstrate understanding of audience needs, critical context, and writing purpose.

Ability to use a professional documentation style correctly and consistently.

Awareness and skillful use of writing processes, including invention, drafting, revising, and editing.