Writing @ UNI


UNI regularly assesses its writing programs to ensure quality and rigor and to continuously improve instruction and student outcomes. Below, you will find results from our assessments so you will know what to expect from writing at UNI.

English 1005 Assessment

This assessment looked at 10 sections of English 1005 during Spring semester 2013. A total of 176 students submitted drafts, notes, and other evidence of their writing processes. This assessment documented that
* on average, students write three drafts for their research projects
* all students received feedback from multiple sources on their papers
* students were able to use research sources effectively
* students were able to integrate their individual perspective with peer-reviewed research

University Writing Committee Faculty Survey

In 2011, the UWC surveyed the faculty across campus about their practices and perspectives on teaching writing. The survey found that UNI faculty are very interested in helping students become better writers. However, this survey also found a need for greater collaboration and linkage between LAC writing instruction and writing elsewhere in the curriculum. Most respondents indicated they use writing for students to display knowledge rather than engage more deeply with course content. Faculty did respond that they felt students knew how to write appropriately for their field or major by the time they competed their degree.

2010-2011 LAC 1A Review Report

The latest LAC 1A Review, including types of assignments, statistics on enrollments, and direct assessment is available on the LAC website (CAT ID required).